KFC’s Colonel Sanders Has Gotten An Upgrade And Is Now An Instagram Influencer

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Stupid sexy Colonel Sanders. 

KFC is known for two things: 

  1. Chicken of the Kentucky Fried variety 
  2. Their ‘mascot’: Colonel Sanders

It would be unfair to say the Colonel is JUST a mascot for KFC: he’s more of a spokesperson/logo/icon for the fast food chain. 

A man of many professions, shall we say. 

He’s also had a range of different looks over the years. 

There’s the OG cartoon Colonel which still graces a lot of KFC’s packaging: 

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The Boneless Bucket. 100% chicken. 0% bones.

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And the cartoon colonel which has featured in the KFC app and some related games over the years: 

But the latest version of Colonel Sanders is our favourite version. Why, you ask? Because he looks like this: 


Talk about ‘finger lickin’ good’

Don’t get too excited though, ‘cause he’s not physically real. Sexy Colonel Sanders, or ‘Virtual Influencer Colonel’ as he’s officially called, is just a 3D model. 

A weirdly realistic stupid hot 3D model. 

He’s like George Clooney and every Instagram model ever had a kid. 

Seriously, look a this guy:

He’s even got a tattoo which says ‘secret recipe for success’.

Love a bad boy

He’s fulfilled every influencer cliche ever and we’re not mad about it.

Here he is looking ready to put those gorgeous muscular hands to work in the kitchen:

And posing in the gym:

Riding a horse in a totally normal ~natural~ way:

And, to top it all off, he’s an Old Spice ambassador. Legit. 

The captions are also pure gold.

We applaud any, and all, persons behind this marketing greatness.

We would also like to personally thank them for creating sexy Colonel Sanders for us to dream about. Bless you.

Stupid sexy Colonel Sanders. 

Images: KFC / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.




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