It's Official: Women Work Better In Warmer Offices

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Stop touching the air con Steve.

Start tagging co-workers 'cause science has come through with a winner today.

Yup! A study has proven that women's brains work better at higher temperatures, thus backing every workplace argument to STOP TOUCHING THE AIR CON STEVE forever.

The study, conducted in Germany and published in PLOS One, tested the ability of 500 men and women to perform a series of tasks at a variety of temperatures.

At higher temperatures, women perform better on maths and verbal tasks while the reverse is true for men.

For women, the increase in performance while working in warmer temperatures was "significantly larger" than the decrease in male performance.

"Our findings suggest that gender mixed workplaces may be able to increase productivity by setting thethermostat higher than current standards," the study found.

TL;DR You can say goodbye to your days of shivering at your desk and plastering passive-aggressive post-it notes.

We've made it.

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Source: AAP


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