Apple just made a shock announcement about iPhones and people are furious

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This is really bad!

Apple has angered a lot of people today with the announcement that the iPhone is only guaranteed to last 365 days, something the company is arguing in a Californian court. Apple's facing a class-action lawsuit filed by customers who are angry at the fact the touch screen on their device doesn't work properly. 

The issue, which is known as "touch disease" has plagued a small amount of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users who found the sensitivity of their screen was getting worse even though they hadn't owned the phone for very long. 

The plaintiffs in the case are saying that the touch disease came on after a year of ownership, which is why Apple has come forward to say they don't expect their phones to last more than that length of time.

A year is the default warranty on an iPhone but, in reality, your phone is likely to last a few years. However, despite Apple's claims, the plaintiffs are also saying that there is a reasonable expectation that the phone should last the standard length of a regular mobile phone contract.

According to News.Com.Authe lawsuit reads:

“Consumers reasonably expect that smartphones will remain operable for at least two years when not subject to abuse or neglect because the overwhelming majority of smartphone users are required to sign service contracts with (mobile) carriers for two year periods.”

The tech company will gladly tell you the phone is the most durable device, but for this legal win, they're happy to use this excuse. 

Arturo Gonzalez, the lawyer for Apple, told the court it would be an unfair burden for Apple to be held accountable “simply because plaintiffs expect their iPhones to last the length of their cellular service contracts."

He added:

“Nowhere do plaintiffs allege that the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus deviated from Apple’s intended design."

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