Instagram Just Launched A New Feature And We’re Already Addicted

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How well do your friends know you?

While we were aimlessly scrolling our feeds, the team at Instagram were busy updating our fave app with new features.

Today, the photo-sharing app launched a feature that you will LOVE. 

Especially if you enjoy the ‘Question’ sticker where your followers can ask you questions they’ve been wondering about you all along. 

Instagram has installed a new interactive sticker for our Insta Stories - The Quiz Sticker. 

The new sticker launched this morning and it lets you ask your friends and followers a multiple-choice question. 

Think of all the possibilities!

Now you can finally figure out who knows you the best, which will make situations like choosing your bridal party a lot easier. 

To use the new sticker:

  • Open the camera and the sticker tray. Find the quiz sticker. 
  • Name your quiz and customise the colour – you can add up to four (or as few as two) possible answers.
  • Pick the right answer when you're creating your quiz.
  • Share to your Story and see which of your friends answer correctly in your viewer list.

Happy quizzing!

Image: Getty Images


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