The Inside Of The Met Looks Like It Was Styled By Malibu Barbie And Not In A Good Way

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So. Much. Pink. 

We’ve been obsessing about going to the Met Museum since Gossip Girl. 

All our bushy-eyebrowed 15-year-old selves wanted was to be Blair and Serena sitting on The Met steps judging the world. 

Now that we're older we’ve upgraded from dreaming about The Met steps to fantasising about getting an invite to The Met Gala. 

We’ve been watching the red carpet all morning and we’re equal parts jealous and obsessed. 

i want you to be happy jennifer garner GIF

This years’ Met Gala theme is ‘CAMP’ which is… hard to properly explain.

Basically, it means extravagant and OTT opulence. 

Think bright colours, feathers, sequins, anything that makes you think “WTF” and “I LOVE IT” at the same time. 

Case in point: 

The theme explains why the inside of The Met looks like Malibu Barbie threw up everywhere: 

There’s just so much pink. Which is normally a good thing but… this? This is just too much. 

We admit, the giant flamingoes and feathers are a strong vibe. 

The table settings however areless Barbie and more tea with Grandma. Why are there no big table decorations? No huge feathers or sparkles or anything?  

It looks like a budget Palm Springs lunch setting. Seriously, we could have put together a prettier table spread. 

Come on Anna Wintour, we had faith in you. 

Your guests deserve better than bamboo seats. WE DESERVE BETTER THAN BAMBOO SEATS. 

But also… we still want an invite. So if you could make that happen that would be fab thank youuuuu.


Images: Getty / John Shearer, Barbie. 




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Written By Krisinda Merhi