A huge heatwave is set to smash the country and we are not okay

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Above 40 degree weather cause ‘Straya

Summer in Australia means picture-perfect beaches and salty hair and that natural healthy glow that you just don’t get from May-November. 

It also means being constantly sticky, frizzy humid hair and sweating bullets without even lifting a finger. 

Which is, you know, less fun. 

And we’re sorry to inform you that the lack of fun is set to continue country-wide this week with a HUGE heatwave about to hit. 

Every state and territory will sizzle through record-breaking weather conditions for FIVE. STRAIGHT. DAYS. 

The Bureau of Meteorology says western Sydney could experience temperatures above 40 degrees.

“These places getting 40 is not too unusual for a day or two,” ” BOM meteorologist Dane Narramore told The New Daily. “It’s summer and it is hot, but I think the long duration is what is so impressive about this.”

Broken Hill in New South Wales should brace for a week of over 40 degree weather, while some north-western NSW towns would reach temps almost in the 50s. 

Parts of northern South Australia are also expected to suffer through days of over 45 degree heat. 

Northern Victoria is expected to hit 46 degrees with other parts of the state only reaching the mid-30s. 

Dane told The New Daily that capital cities would escape the worst of the heat, thanks to sea breezes.

Sydney city temperatures won’t break into the 40s all week. Saturday January 19 is the hottest day expected to hit the city with a sunny but (hopefully) bearable 36 degree day forecast. 

But that's not to say Sydney is completely out of the clear. 

According to Weatherzone, Sydney city is set for five straight days of above 30 degree heat, which hasn’t happened since 2011. 

Melbourne is expected to peak at 35 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures set to drop into the low 30s for the rest of the week. 

Brisbane is forecast to stay in the low 30s all week, according to Weatherzone.

Canberra and Perth will start with temps in the mid-low 30s with the mercury gradually rising throughout the week. 

So basically it’s a lot of heat in a lot of places. No where is spared. 

Happy melting Australia! 

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