How celebrities reacted to Australia voting 'YES'

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Waving the rainbow flag from all over the world

The same-sex marriage postal survey brought attention from not only our country but from many around the globe.

World famous names were voicing their hope for our country to legalise same-sex marriage over the two month campaign period and after today's big fat YES, they're celebrating.

Our favourite celebrities share their joy along with the LGBTQ community and the 61.6 per cent of YES voters.

From Sam Smith to Stephen Fry and our very own Aussies, Kylie Minogue to Sia - they are all waving their rainbow flag.

Here’s to the YES!!! Sending love from NYC!! we are with you all the way!! @deborralee @thehughjackman

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While the result itself does not legalise same-sex marriage in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has vowed to do so before the end of the year. 

“They voted yes for fairness. They voted yes for commitment. They voted yes for love.

“... And get this done this year before Christmas. That must be our commitment.

“We are a fair nation, there is nothing more Australian then a fair go. There is nothing more Australian than equality and mutual respect.

“Everyone has had their say.

“I say to all Aussies whatever your opinion, we must respect the voice of the people.

“It is our job now to get on with it and get this done. It’s fair, people have voted yes for marriage equality now it’s our job to deliver it.”

This will see Australia join the likes of The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Denmark, France, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand, The United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), Ireland, United States, Luxembourg, Colombia, Greenland, Finland, Slovenia, Malta, Germany, Mexico and Taiwan.

To our LGBTQ, it may have taken us longer than we had hoped, but we are here now and that’s all that matters. Celebrate hard tonight. 

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