Holy Moley: The New $50 Note Has A Typo

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You had one job.

News.com.au has confirmed one scorcher of a story today.

The new $50 note has a typo.

Who knew teeny-tiny text could ever be wrong?

But truth is truth, and not only has News.com.au confirmed the story - following an admission from the Reserve Bank of Australia - but we too have managed to get our grubby mitts on a note (and magnifying glass).

Under the magnifying glass, the word 'responsibility' can be seen misspelled as 'responsibilty'; without the third 'i'.

A total of 46 million bank $50 bank notes were rolled out in October 2018, a total of $2.3 billion but it is unknown at what point the RBA spotted, and corrected, the error.

At the time of first circulation, RBA Governor Philip Lowe said, "Improved security and ease of recognition underpin the design of the new $50 banknote."

Which is cool and all, but maybe get the squiggles down pat first?

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