Hey East Coast, prepare for some SERIOUS storms

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Sydney rain

Forecasters say it will be the most intense weather event the country has seen in months

Low pressure systems brewing just off the north and south coasts are expected to collide and cause havoc for the eastern coast of Australia today. 

New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland will all be hit with some serious thunderstorms which forecasters are saying will be some of the worst since March. 

And considering the Sydney storm/flood fiasco of a couple of weeks back, that’s a pretty big call. 

“Thursday is going to be a big day of weather. Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Canberra - all have a chance of severe thunderstorms,' meteorologist Rob Sharpe told news.com.au

Rob added people in Melbourne and Sydney should prepare for severe thunderstorms to continue on Friday. 

These storms come in the wake of a tropical cyclone in remote Queensland.

The weekend is looking a little wet but clearer in Sydney with rainy conditions continuing for most of Victoria and Queensland. 

At least it’s a good excuse to stay inside and watch Netflix, right? 

Not that we need an excuse. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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