Going Travelling? These Are The Worst Paths For Flight Turbulence

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Put your sick bags away.

Nervous flyers, rejoice! 

If you’re uneasy in the air, the guesswork over turbulence has been made so much easier.  

Captain Stuart Clarke, the pilot and senior advisor in the flight safety department of the British Airline Pilots Association (try saying that three times quickly) spoke to The Sun about which places are most likely to hit turbulence - which has been turned into a handy dandy map.

Unfortunately, it seems that the turbulence hot spots pretty much cover the globe, so it's not super possible to avoid it completely. However, at least now you can know when to be ready. 

Clarke revealed that the worst of the turbulence is focused around the equator - which kinda makes sense, really. 

“When you cross the equator, there’s a belt of weather called the inter-tropical convergence zone. It moves north and south with the seasons. That series of storms extends right around the world on the equator line.”

“The weather and the resulting turbulence is a result of hot weather and the coming together of the winds from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres."

Apparently also mountains can get ya - RIP that cute out-of-the-window snapchat over the ranges. 

“Further up at 10,000 foot-high mountain ranges, you’re much more likely to have strong winds of 50 to 100 miles per hour,”

"In very strong winds, a pilot will try and add on some extra height to cross mountains such as the Alps. The sort of turbulence caused by terrain can occur anywhere there are mountains (or even hills) and strong winds.”

Though fear not, pilots aren’t running into these rough patches on purpose, in fact they’re trying as hard as they can to avoid them. 

“Pilots will do whatever they can to avoid the turbulence as it is seriously annoying for both crew and passengers on board.”

Even if sometimes it feels like this: 

So yeah, it's going to be hard to completely avoid any bumps when flying around the world - especially if you're flying to Singapore, Miami, Cancun, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, and Mumbai airports. 

But at least now we know when to have the sick bag at the ready!

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