Get Your Cruella de-Sexy On With ColourPop’s New Disney Villain Makeup Range

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Playing princess is overrated. 

Themed makeup is our favourite type of makeup, and ColourPop have gone and done it again with an ah-mazing Disney Villains-themed collection. 

The new range features palettes, shimmers and powders from all of our favourite (or not so favourite) baddies; Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, Hades, and the actual Evil Queen.

Each villain has their very own themed lipstick bullet — so you can have a different alter ego for every day of the week. 

Feeling moody on a Monday? Go for Maleficent’s dark plum shade. 

Check them out:

While lipstick is fun and all our personal favourite product from the collection is the Ursula-inspired electric blue and purple duo-chrome jelly shadow. 


Pair it with the deep cranberry lip gloss named "My Pet” (if you didn’t read that in an evil Ursula voice, you’re dead to us) and you’ll be ready to slay. 

There's also a silver-spangled peach highlighter with shade name "You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles!" Which is basically our life motto, so guess we’re buying that one too.

There’s also a pressed powder palette called ‘Misunderstood' which features a mix of matte, metallic, and jewel-tone shades inspired by all the best villain looks. 

The matte white "No Spots" shade gives us SERIOUS Cruella vibes and we’re digging it. 

Oh, there’s also a bunch of jelly eyeshadows which we NEED (don’t ask us why or when we’d use them, just look): 

It’s impossible to just choose a few products from the collection (we haven’t even told you about them all), but the good news is ColourPop products are really affordable. You can get your claws on the ENTIRE collection for $249, which is cheaper than just our foundation. 

The collection goes on sale on March 21, 2019. Head on over to the ColourPop website and sign up for their email alerts so you’re not one of the poor, unfortunate souls that miss out. 


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