Get Out The Insect Spray Because Spiders Could Eat Humans

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If they wanted to.

We love a good study. 

Like when we found out that dogs feel stressed when their owners do, or that drinking coffee isn't bad for you.

But this study isn't the one we wanted to find out about. 

Turns out those tiny, creepy crawly creatures that we call spiders that are totally not scary like AT ALL eat 800 million tons of food a year.

Scientists in Switzerland estimate that spiders worldwide eat about 400 to 800 million tons of their favourite foods (mostly insects) annually.

Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel, Switzerland decided to estimate just how much theyeat annually compared to other species, including humans.

Even though they mainly eat insects, there are some spiders that eat small mammals and reptiles which leads us to this point.

If spiders wanted to, they could eat us. Like a lot of us per year. Ranker reckons with their appetite they could eat up to 7 billion people in a year. 

Cool. That's great. 

Image credit: Sharath V Jois via Getty Images

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