This genius app will lock your kid's phone until they reply to your text

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Time to get a new phone.

If there is one little nitpick that every parent will agree with when it comes to their offspring, it's when kids don't reply to their texts.

Like, you're just there in the parking lot waiting for your kid to be finished with their piano lesson/soccer match/other activity and you don't see them anywhere despite calling their phone (which you got for them in case of emergencies) at least 10 times.

They're always on their phone and yet they don't have time to reply to a measly text? What is up with that!

Thankfully, this problem has now been solved forever thanks to a bloke named Nick Herbert and his app called "ReplyASAP".

The gist of the app is very simple: it gives parents the power to lock their kid's phone if they don't reply to texts.

Every parent right now:

The app works by locking out all other functions of the kid's phone besides the reply function, which Nick discovered is a great motivator in getting his kids to reply.

As an extra cherry on top, the app also allows parents to set off alarms on their kid's phone - even if it is on silent mode.

Yep, that's a surefire way to get them to reply ASAP!

ReplyASAP has been a hit ever since it was released on the Google Play Store, racking up over 100k downloads and currently trending at No.1 (when we last checked).

At the moment the app is only available for Android devices but an iOS version is in the works and will be out soon.

Teens everywhere, just reply to your parents and save yourself (and your phone) from any embarassment!

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