This Full Page Marmite Ad Absolutely Drags Vegemite

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Battle of the breakfast spreads. 

The war between Vegemite and Marmite is an age old tale. 

But it’s more than just a battle of the breakfast spreads - it’s a battle of nations and identities. Basically, it’s a way for Aussies and Brits to exercise their egos and try and prove they’re better than each other. 

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Well, the Vegemite vs Marmite battle just reached epic new heights because the salty, yeasty spreads have dragged each other in full page newspaper ads. 

Because if you’re gonna feud you may as well make it public. 

It’s also because the 2019 Ashes series (read: big popular cricket tournament) is currently underway in England - so tensions between Australia and England are already high. 

After hearing that Marmite was handing out free jars of its spread during the Ashes at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Vegemite was having none of it. 

They ran this ad in the August 8 edition of UK newspaper the Daily Mirror:


“News has reached Down Under that free jars of Marmite are being handed out at the Ashes to try and prove it tastes better than our Vegemite. Are you guys barmy? Of course the English palate will prefer yours.

“You see, Vegemite is a far stronger taste, made of resilience and fortitude with a dash of cunning and guile. Vegemite tastes like back-to-back tons on your return test. Vegemite tastes like a come-from-behind victory by 251 runs.

“You lot won’t like the taste of Vegemite. Because Vegemite tastes like Australia.

“Catch ya at Lord’s.”

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But if you think that’s good, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Marmite’s reply ad absolutely drags Vegemite and it’s so good we’re (almost) on their side. 

In the August 10 edition of the Daily Mirror, Marmite retorted: 

“Dear Vegemite, We might not taste like Australia, but love it or hate it, we won’t be tampering with it. See you at the home of cricket. #MarmyArmy”


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The ad, of course, refers to the 2018 ball tampering scandal in which the Australian cricket team was caught trying to sandpaper a cricket ball to better control its spin during a game against South Africa. The rougher the ball the more the airflow is affected and the better it travels (*wink wink*). 

Anyway, as much as we love Vegemite we think the winner here is pretty obvious. 

Marmite: 1

Vegemite: 0 

Images: Vegemite, Marmite, Giphy / Giphy. 

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