This fan theory about Home Alone has forever creeped us out

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It will never be the same 

Home Alone might not be the most BELIEVABLE movie but it is one of the most loved. 

The Christmas flick is a must watch this festive season and every festive season or just any time really. 

But a new fan theory will forever change how we watch the film. 

We're a little creeped out tbh. 

So, according to some, Old Man Marley (AKA the old next door neighbour who saves Kevin from being murdered by the two burglar dudes) IS Kevin. 

Well, future Kevin. 

According to Reddit user spookycookies, Old Man Marley returns to change his own fate– by stopping Kevin being killed he allows him to reunite and reconcile with his family and everyone gets a happily ever after. 

But wait, there’s more. 

According to the Reddit thread, there are two possible timelines in Home Alone. 

“In timeline A everything that happened the night before the flight to Paris still occurs, except without Buzz and Kevin noticing ‘Old Man Marley’ because he simply did not exist,” it reads. 

Without Old Man Marley, Kevin answers the door to the police officer and is taken to safety while his house is completely robbed. 

“With their household in financial ruin (and flooded) the family enters a very rough era that ends in Kevin’s parents divorcing and his brothers and sisters living in different households,” the Reddit user suggests.


And the theory gets weirder. 

Apparently, Kevin feels so guilty not reporting the incident that he spirals. 

“Kevin decides that the only way to fix his life is to change the events of the past. Old Kevin, resigned to never return to his ruined future abducts his wife and son and forces them to travel back to the 1980’s,” the Reddit user adds.

He then buys the house next door and waits out the days until he can stop his life from being ruined forever. 

A lot to take in, right?

We’ll just stick to the whole ‘this kid is ridiculously smart’ explanation. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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