Family Booted From Stadium After Father Takes Disabled Daughter To Bathroom

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Okay then... 

There’s a lot of people at a sports match. 

A lot of people in one place can be hard to control, so often stadiums have high security measures and a bunch of rules you have to follow. It’s fair enough. 

But, in cases of emergency or importance, sometimes rules need to be broken. For example: when you have a disabled daughter who urgently needs to use the bathroom. 

This exact situation presented itself during an A-league soccer match in Sydney over the weekend. A father allegedly entered a restricted area so his daughter could access the disabled toilet as quickly as possible. 

He and his three children were then escorted out of the stadium by police. 

Footage posted on social media show’s the moment the father, whose name is Rory Carroll, was approached by police during Sydney FC‘s semi-final clash with Melbourne Victory at Sydney’s Jubilee Oval.

In the video, Rory can be heard telling officers he chose to take his daughter to the closest toilet to avoid walking further around the stadium. 

“The disabled toilet that my daughter uses is over there, they won’t let me take my daughter through,” he added.

“That’s what this is all about. And I tell you what, you guys want to kick me out because I can’t take [her].”.

Additional footage shows Rory and his family leaving the stadium with police as surrounding fans “boo” the officers.

In a statement obtained by Nine News, a NSW Police spokesperson said the father and his family were removed from the stadium after a violation of “seating protocols.”

“Despite repeated requests by security, the man was unwilling to cooperate,” the spokesperson said.

“Police assistance was called, the man was spoken to by officers and after further refusal was escorted from the stadium with his family.”

Meanwhile, Rory posted his own version of events online, saying he was “assaulted by security [and] threatened by a senior police officer screaming.

The incident has caused significant backlash online.

All because stadium security couldn’t bend the rules slightly for a little girl who just needed to use the bathroom. 

Faith in humanity definitely not restored. 

Images: Twitter. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi