The Everyday Car Items That Could See You Fined $344

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Do NOT pimp your ride. 

Even though we learned to drive in our teens, it seems lately there’s a bunch of road rules that we’re only just learning about. Like the fact that you can be fined for drinking coffee on your commute, or paying with your phone in a drive thru

Now the news to ruin your Saturday - you can be fined for having fluffy dice in your car. 


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Drivers can be slapped with three demerit points and fined up to $344 for pimping out their ride with hanging fluffy dice or fixing stickers to the rear window. 

Look, while we all secretly wanna stick it to those people who have mini stick figures of their family on their boot, that’s still pretty dang harsh. 

The rationale behind the obscure road rule bans any trinket that could obscure the diver’s view and potentially lead to an accident. 

According to the Daily Mail, who spoke to police and road safety groups around Australia, the rule is indeed real and they’re currently on the lookout for ‘driver distraction’ offences. 

“If the item is positioned in the way that the driver can't see other cars, it is an offence,” NSW police told the publication. 

Items which could see you cop a fine and lose points include air fresheners, a GPS device, flags, toys, and more. 

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It’s at the discretion of the police whether they consider your dope decorations obstructions. 

The penalties differ from stat to state. NSW drivers are hit the hardest, facing a $344 fine plus three demerit points. Victoria and South Australia could cop up to a $253 fine, while WA is the most lenient at a $100 fine and one demerit point. 

Time to ditch your stick figure fam, fam. 


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Written By Brynn Davies