Eurydice Dixon's Killer Given Life Sentence

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CW: This story contains descriptions which may be disturbing.

The man who raped and murdered aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon in an "evil" attack at a Melbourne park has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 35 years.

Jaymes Todd stalked Ms Dixon, 22, for more than an hour before attacking her as she walked through Princes Park following a comedy gig on June 12 last year.

"Your actions in doing so were of pure and unmitigated evil," Justice Stephen Kaye said in his sentencing remarks on Monday.

Ms Dixon was"totally vulnerable and defenceless" when she was raped and killed in the park, Justice Kaye said.

"You knew what you were doing was wrong, well understanding the effects of choking a female victim."

After the murder, the then-19-year-old bought a pie and coffee, went back to the Carlton North crime scene and googled rape and pornography as well as stories about his victim

He was diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder while in custody.

Before the murder, Todd fantasised about violent non-consensual sex culminating in a woman's death.

Justice Kaye said Todd's"dark and sick fantasy" and sexual sadism disorder drove the crime, not his mild autism, but conceded the autism was a small, mitigating factor.

His upbringing, including living in a home of "complete squalor" were also mitigating factors, Justice Kaye said.


Source: AAP

Written By Ally Parker

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