Empty your piggy banks ‘cause Coles is releasing a new range of mini collectables

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Who knew a parsnip could be so cute 

ATTN: parents, little children and big kids

Coles has announced they are releasing another range of mini collectables. 

We hope your piggy banks are full and your bargaining skills are sharp because this lot are gonna cause another frenzy fo’ sure! 

The 24 new ‘minis’ are vegetable themed because #HEALTHY. 

Yes they have tiny arms, legs and faces. Yes they’re adorable. And yes, we're slightly disturbed (but also low-key obsessed). 

Some of the veggies have even been named after the supermarket’s growers (because what will encourage small children to eat more greens than giving them real names?) 

There’s Marie the Mango after Maris Piccone from the Northern Territory. 

There's Sunny the Strawberry after Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm in Victoria.

And don’t forget  Carlo the Cucumber after Carlo Pippo from Fresh at Heart in Ballina. 

The collectables also come with a poster which encourages families to participate in the ‘Rainbow Challenge’: track their daily fruit and vegetable intake by crossing off all the fruit and veg colours of the rainbow.


Coles Fresh Ambassador and celebrity chef Curtis Stone told news.com.au that he knows firsthand how hard it is to get kids excited about eating their veggies. 

“So I’m really excited about helping to make them fun and tasty with my colourful recipes like ‘broc tots’, eggplant chips and rainbow pizzas,” he told the publication.

We’re not sure what a ‘broc tot’. Do we want to find out? 

The previous ‘Little Shop Collection’ had a completely different look. Instead of healthy fruits and veg there were miniature versions of Coles products, including Nutella, biscuits and shampoo. 

But mini plastic toys are mini plastic toys and children will love them all the same. 

So prepare to have your kids cry at the register and weirdly obsessed adults approach you and try to swap your beetroot for their carrot. 

The Stikeez collection starts in Coles stores on Wednesday February 13 and are given to shoppers who spend $30 or more.

Images: Coles, Giphy / Giphy. 


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