Egg Boy was Egg Boy before he was Egg Boy

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This crack-ed us up. 


By now you would have heard of the famous ‘Egg Boy’. 

Aka the kid who cracked an egg on the head of NSW senator Fraser Anning during a press conference following the terror attack in Christchurch.

Senator Anningksaid some questionable things following the Christchurch attack and Egg Boy, whose real name is Will Connolly, was having none of it.

Will has spoken publicly for the first time since he egged Fraser Anning and had a lot to say re. his actions. 

“I understand what I did was not the right thing to do,” Will admitted during an interview on The Project. “However, this egg has united people.”

Will also said he was surprised by the reaction to his actions and that it’s almost “embarrassing.”

“Too much attention is taken away from the real victims and their suffering,” he said.

Following the interview, Will also posted this to Instagram:

Whether you agree or disagree with Will’s actions, there’s one thing he revealed in his interview that is pretty funny: Will was called Egg Boy BEFORE he was Egg Boy. 


Will revealed that his mates actually gave him by the nickname long before his egg connected with Anning’s noggin. 

He would bring boiled eggs to school for lunch and all the girls would groan and tell him to go away as they “reeked”.

The universe obviously wanted in on the fun ‘cause Will is now Egg Boy forever. 

Not a great nickname TBH, but there are worse. 

Images: The Project / Channel 10, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi