Don’t put away your umbrellas just yet, the rain ain’t over

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Sydney rain

Mother Nature is having a serious moment.

An INSANE storm swamped NSW yesterday causing absolute mayhem. 

Houses shook, roads flooded and public transport struggled to keep up leaving people stranded. 

If you worked from home yesterday you’re one of the lucky ones. 

But don’t pack away your umbrellas just yet because the yucky weather isn’t over. 

Gale force wind warnings for have been given for Byron, Coffs, Macquarie, Hunter, Sydney and Illawarra coastal areas.

The rain is also set to continue in patches throughout the day bringing about 4mm. 

That’s a significant drop from yesterdays downpour which saw parts of the city swamped by more than 100mm of rain.

The good news is that the crazy conditions should be easing soon. 

Sky News weather reporter Tristan Meyers said the disastrous storm is moving away from the NSW coast, easing conditions. 

“In its wake, what we have is showers which are moderate to heavy at times with sunny breaks coming through in between,” he said.

“As we go into the afternoon and the evening, we see those showers becoming less and less frequent and it should be clearing by Friday.”

But until then it’s probably best to stay safe and out of Mother Nature’s way. 

Images: Getty / Saeed Khan, Giphy / Giphy 


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