Did you just lose a bunch of Instagram followers? You’re not alone.

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It's not you, promise!

Before you freak out that your latest selfie sent your Instagram followers away in droves (we’re sure you looked hot AF) listen up. 

Instagram users - including the platform’s highest-ranking celebrities - noticed drops in their follow count “within seconds” yesterday. 

For most of us average joes the loss is relatively negligible, maybe a few dozen follows down. 

But for mega-stars like Kylie Jenner and James Charles the drop was freakishly significant. 

According to social media consultant Matt Navarra, Kylie Jenner lost around 2.5 million followers, Katy Perry dropped by 900,000 and even Barack Obama took a hit, losing 450,000 followers. 

Obviously, the internet has fallen into a state of panic, many suggesting this is the doomsday cull of fake and inactive accounts Instagram has been talking about for a while. 

But a statement released by Instagram admits that the problem lays with a bug.

(No, not that kind of bug.)

Instagram said they hope to have the problem resolved by 4:00am on Friday morning. 

Maybe hold off posting your cute Valentine's Day grams until tomorrow if you want maximum like potential. 

Written By Brynn Davies


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