This cute AF jewellery is inspired by your favourite Aussie treats

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Loves an Iced Vovo (and Tiny Teddies) (and Shapes)

There’s no denying some of the best treats have come out of Australia. 

There’s Iced Vovos and Tiny Teddies and who doesn't love white bread slathered in butter and topped with sprinkles?

You can now declare your love for Aussie treats to the world by wearing them on your body.

The team at Melbourne-based brand Saturday Lollipop have created a cute AF range of jewellery range inspired by the treats you loved growing up (and probably still love now, let’s be real).


The range is HUGE and hand-made right down to the smallest detail.

But be careful, the more you scroll the more you’ll want (need) to buy. 

Just when we thought we’d seen them all we came across these realer than real-looking Fairy Bread earrings:

Then we found the kinder surprise eggs:

We don’t even like musk sticks but we LOVE these dangly ear decorators:

And this sweet treats necklace which we’re kinda obsessed with:

There’a also amazing Bubble O'Bill earrings, rainbow Paddle Pops, Tiny Teddies, Arnott’s Shapes, Chocolate Freckles, Liquorice All Sorts, Wizz Fizz and MORE. 

We weren’t joking when we said the range was huge. 

And the best part? The brand has stockists all around Australia and also offers online orders. 

Happy shopping! 

But be warned, you’ll get hungry. Pack snacks. 

Images: Instagram /Saturday Lollipop. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi