Crocodiles spotted swimming in Townsville streets as once-in-a-century floods continue

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Holy croc!

If terrifying flash flooding isn’t enough motivation for Townsville residents to get as far from water as possible, then giant crocodiles floating in the streets might be. 

Residents have reported a number of crocodiles chillin’ around the city’s streets rivers as the heavens continue to drench North Queensland. 

Emergency services reportedly sighted a three-metre-long crocodile having a paddle along Bowen Rd on Sunday night. 

A freshwater crocodile was also photographed trying to avoid floodwaters by climbing a tree. 

As you do. 

While the rest of the country fries, North Queensland’s monsoon season has seen a hefty 1,012mm of rain in the last seven days, busting the previous record of 886mm set in 1998 on the so-called ‘Night of Noah’.


Up to 500 homes are already underwater, with trapped residents taking refuge on their roofs and thousands fleeing their homes to shelter in packed evacuation centres. 

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service have fielded up to 850 calls for assistance in the last 24hours. 

Heavy downpours on Sunday forced the city’s dam levels to almost 250% capacity, with authorities opening the floodgates to double the amount of water draining from the catchment. 

Almost 2,000 cubic metres of water was surging from the dam every second after 9pm last night, catching two police officers off guard. 

The officers were left clinging to trees for safety as the rapidly rising floodwaters swept away their police vehicle before being rescued 30 minutes later. 

Talk about a tough day at work. 

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Written By Brynn Davies

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