Couple Busted Performing Lewd Act On Plane

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Mile high club, anyone? 

It’s no secret that having annoying seatmates on a plane is both common and uncomfortable. 

The kind of things perfectly innocent strangers can do to make your flight unpleasant is almost endless - crying, any kind of illness, seat-kicking, talking loudly, lack of spatial awareness, the list goes on.

kevin can wait airplane GIF by CBS

But over the weekend, Aussie TV host, Darren McMullen seems to have experienced the ultimate ‘no no’ in poor plane neighbour etiquette - sexual activity. 

McMullen claims to have witnessed a woman giving her male friend, uhh, "hand relief" during a Jetstar flight.

He posted the incident to his 50,000 Instagram followers in a series of videos on his Stories

The couple appear totally oblivious to the fact that they’re on a plane, in the air, surrounded by passengers and cabin crew, according to McMullen. 

Rather than using the bathroom as their ticket to the mile high club, the unnamed female passenger is believed to have been performing a sex act on her seatmate in plain sight. 

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The former host of The Voice was seated behind the pair, who do not appear to be aware he was filming. 

Since it’s thoroughly gross, we’re not going to share details from the videos, but you can read more about them here

Jetstar said it is still looking into the details of the incident.

“We have a zero-tolerance to inappropriate behaviour and encourage passengers to report any incidents to our crew,” a spokesperson for the airline said.


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