Conor McGregor Arrested After Allegedly Smashing A Fan's Phone

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UFC fighter and professional boxer Conor McGregor was arrested for allegedly smashing a fan's phone outside a hotel in Miami Beach.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the fan approached McGregor outside the Fontainebleau Hotel around 5pm, Monday 11 March and attempted to take a photo of the fighter with his phone.

It was then reported McGregor slapped the phone out of the man's hand and stomped on it several times. He then picked up the smashed phone and walked away with it. 

The publication says McGregor has been booked for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1,000.

Image: Getty Images / Stephen McCarthy / Contributor


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Written By Christina Cavaleri

The woman was found on Saturday morning. 

The incident is under investigation.

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