CONFRONTING: Video emerged of handlers abusing tiger at Dreamworld

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“Makes you wonder what else goes on there…”

A disturbing video has emerged that appears to show a tiger being abused by handlers at Dreamworld.

The video was posted to Instagram and shows two workers tending to the tiger before one of them pulls the animal by its tail.

The other handler then smacks it multiple times over the head. 


The footage was posted online eight hours ago and has sparked outrage:

“That’s so far beyond disgusting and I hope there’s justice for their actions.”

“What the hell, lucky that loser still has his arm, that's abuse, report that f****r.”

"Wow I wish the tiger bit him.”

“Makes you wonder what else goes on there when no-one is watching. Appalling behaviour. Come on Dreamworld - wake up!!”

Nova Entertainment have contacted Dreamworld for a comment however we have not yet received a reply.

Warning - confronting content: Tiger video

Written By Christina Cavaleri

The woman was found on Saturday morning. 

The incident is under investigation.

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