A coeliac vaccine is in the works and they're looking for Aussie testers

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Your days of a funny tum are over.

For those of us in Australia living with a little thing called Coeliac Disease, gluten is a person non grata in most situations.

New dish at the local pub? Got to suss out the gluten sitch.

Significant Other served up a romantic din? Pick at it with a fork. 

Now if you've read any of the above and thought, 'UGH. Yes.' We have some good news:

A vaccine in the works.

Yup! The groundbreaking clinical trial, called Nexvax2, is underway right now - at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to be exact - and they're looking for Australians to trial the second round.

"The new trial, ‘RESET CeD’ will evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of the vaccine in adults with coeliac disease who have the common HLA-DQ2.5 gene, seen in approximately 90% of people with coeliac disease," according to the website.

"Nexvax2 is administered as a series of injections and is designed to target and reprogram the T cells that trigger an inflammatory response to gluten. By suppressing this inflammation it aims to prevent the adverse clinical effects caused by gluten ingestion in people with coeliac disease."

The Australian trial will be conducted at sites in Melbourne, Brisbane, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, and Perth, in addition to sites in New Zealand and the U.S.

You can check out more info

Image: Getty / Ira Heuvelman-Dobrolyubova


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Written By Ally Parker