Child Finds Used Syringe In Big W Toy Section

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And her dad is not happy. 

An Aussie dad has taken to social media after his daughter found a used syringe at Big W.

Tim McDonald was shopping with his daughter, Willow, in Big W Cessnock when she picked up a toy and found the syringe. 

“[The] first toy she picks up had a junkies syringe under it,” he wrote on Facebook. 

Source: Facebook

Tim told Daily Mail that his daughter accidentally picked up the syringe when she picked up the toy. 

Luckily the needle’s cap was on, and she wasn’t injured. 

“Absolutely disgusting that people use needles but to put them underneath children’s toys what a joke absolute skum [sic].”

Tim told Daily Mail that he spoke to Big W staff who advised that there are CCTV cameras operating in the aisle. 

At the time of writing, the post has been shared over 1,200 times on Facebook, gathering opinions from around the country. 

Comments range from suggesting the needle could have been used in relation to disbetes, to blaming an intravenous drug user. 

One person wrote: “Could be insulin - looks like cap on too. Could have fallen [out of their] bag. Could be medicine. We have to carry them for our type 1 [diabetes] child.”

Others voiced their concerns over safety, with one commenter saying:

“Obviously kids are very curious and would just take the lid straight off it and play with it thinking it’s a toy seeing it’s in the toy section.”

A spokesperson for Big W told Nova: 

"At BIG W Cessnock yesterday, our store team immediately attended to the customer and ensured the whole store was carefully inspected to prevent any further incidents.

We have referred the matter to police for further investigation."


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