Brace Yourself Australia, We’re In For A HUGE Cold Snap

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Winter is most definitely coming. 


Winter is well on its way and, as per usual, Aussies aren’t ready. 

Well, you’d better break out the old ski jacket or turn your doona into a coat asap, ‘cause we’re about to get one heck of a cold snap. 

Multiple states are forecasting snowfall - yes, actual snow - flash flooding, thunderstorms and damaging winds as dual cold fronts cross the country over the next few days. 

So that’s fun. 

A cold front is set to blast wind and rain through South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and parts of NSW today and tomorrow. Mainland alps and parts of central NSW may see a few cemetres of snow over the next week as a result. 

Meanwhile, a much stronger second cold front will reach its icy fingers over south-eastern Australia between now and Saturday. Multiple states are being warned to expect showers, damaging winds, storms, snow and even hail.

Further west, Perth may miss the worst of the cold fronts, with BoM forecasting temperatures above 23 degrees for the WA capital this week. 

Both Darwin and Brisbane are also expected to miss the worst of the bad weather, with both cities expecting sun and temps in the mid to high 20s. 

For the rest of us, now would be a really good time to invest in a good overcoat and some fluffy slippers. 

Or just wear socks under your thongs ‘cause ‘Straya. 


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