Bizarre Optical Illusion Dividing The Internet

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We don't know what to think anymore.


We haven’t seen Twitter this divided since the great gold or blue dress debacle of 2015. 

loop gold GIF

The mind-boggler at the centre of this latest internet meltdown is a photo which may or may not show an ocean shore.

Twitter user @Nayem posted the image, saying:

“If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist”.

Which we’ve taken to mean, ‘If you see anything else, you’re swine’.



But, as it turns out the snap is actually of a busted car door, described in Nayem’s original tweet as a “car gate” which… what? 

confused lizard GIF

Twitter is flipping out over the illusion:


What do you see? 


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Written By Brynn Davies

Big Brother is watching.

The decision comes after some controversy.  

Take care of your furry friends.