Big Change Coming To IKEA's Meatballs

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Also, does anyone want to hit up IKEA this weekend?

News broke earlier this year that Swedish furniture giant IKEA would be unveiling a new vegan range of their meatballs - a 'meatier' version than their current veggie one - with plans to roll out globally by 2020.

Now it seems we're one step closer to living a plant-based-protein reality. report that the prototypes were unveiled at Ikea's Democratic Design Days conference in Almhult, Sweden this week.

Attendees were reportedly offered a taste-test of the first batch, concocted with the aim to become "just as, or even more famous than the meaty one”.

The publication report that the vegan balls are made with pea protein, pea starch, potato flakes, oats and apple.

According to the Irish Post, IKEA Food Services Michael La Cour has explained that the growing demand from customers has spurred the investment:

"We see a growing demand from our customers to have access to more sustainable food options and we want to meet that need," he explained.

"Our ambition is to make healthier and more sustainable eating easy, desirable and affordable without compromising on taste and texture."

So, ya'll have something to either look forward to, or grouch about in the comment section despite the fact it doesn't really affect you at all.

Your move, Player 1.


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