Australia Set To Receive Damaging Winds And Thunderstorms

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The rains are ‘ere. 

Mother Nature wasted no time in bringing us the winter weather.

The first day of June clocked over and our overcoats were out. 

But we ain't seen nothing yet.

Sorry Jon Snow but winter is already here. Even the deepest of sleepers woke up during last night’s torrential downpours and there's more to come.

Melbourne and Sydney are bracing for the cold snap and severe thunderstorms that are due to come this week. 

The Bureau of Meteorology tells Nova Entertainment that the wet showers will continue to come through Melbourne this morning. 

BOM predicts up to 25mm of rain with a chance of hail and thunder in Melbourne today and a maximum temperature of only 12C with a low of 9C tonight. 

The skies will stay grey for the rest of the week.

As for Sydney, strong winds and thunderstorms are on the way:

"The issue with that is that we can expect damaging winds and strong wind gusts coming overnight and tomorrow morning we could see really strong winds particularly close to the coast," BOM says. 

If you're in Bondi you can expect 45-50 mm of rain while in the city we're more likely to see the rainfall early Wednesday. 

The BOM expects 20 - 40 mm across the region. 

But where there is cold weather, there is snow. Looking out by the Blue Mountains, the snow continues to fall:

"Probably see some more snow overnight, 900 metres of potential snow level by the Blue Mountains."

Adelaide and Brissy look like they will avoid the rain with a slight (30 percent) chance of a shower around the hills and southern suburbs, clearing during the afternoon. 

As for Perth, possible storms and rain will be coming later in the week. Thursday has a whopping 95 percent chance of showers which will remain the same all through the weekend with 25 km/h winds. 

The BOM says to double check the warnings through the week.

Better find a good book!

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