Australia is going to cop a hotter-than-average Autumn

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Looking forward to those aircon bills! 

Australian summer has felt a little like this: 

Autumn is set to start in less than two weeks and we’re ready for some cooler temperatures. 

But just when we thought we could swap our sunscreen for light cardigans, the Bureau of Meteorology released their climate outlook for the 2019 March to May period

And friends, it’s not what we hoped. 

Instead of mild evening breezes it looks like we’ll be getting more heat than we usually see at this time of year. 

Yep, the sticky nights and high aircon bills are set to continue. 

Here’s the fancy looking map for you: 

That’s a lot of red. 

Basically the graph shows that if you live in Mainland Australia there's an 80 percent chance you'll experience autumn temperatures that are significantly warmer than the average. 

We can hear you asking, “but what is the average?”

The average daily maximum temperature for March sits at around the mid 20s for all major cities. 

It’s 24.2 degrees in Melbourne, 24.8 in Sydney and 29.1 in Brisbane. 

In May, it's around 16.7 degrees for Melbourne, with 19.5 for Sydney and 24.5 for Brisbane. 

The BOM is forecasting that we'll see warmer than that across the next few months. Which means a mild 24 degree day in Sydney will instead be in the high 30s.

The weather will also be dryer than usual, which is bad news for rural areas and farmers. 

NSW is familiar with these kind of conditions. 

Last year NSW had their second-warmest autumn on record. But something tells us 2019 might just steal that title.

Images: Bureau of Meteorology, Giphy / Giphy. 


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