Apple's unveiled their largest and most powerful iPhone yet

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New iPhone Xs Xr

We want one NOW!

Apple has unveiled three new iPhones, including its biggest smartphone yet, as well as a cheaper version that still has many of the features of the iPhone X.

The new larger size iPhone takes the features of the iPhone X and puts them into a bigger device with longer battery life and better performance.

The iPhone Xs has a 5.8 inch super retina OLED screen display and the iPhone Xs Max is about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but has a larger display. 

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing said:

“This is the biggest display ever on an iPhone."

He added that the new iPhones are covered in "the most durable glass ever on a smartphone". 

The phones are also the most dust and water resistant yet with an IP68 rating – this basically means you could drop your phone into a pool that's 1.5 metres deep and leave it there for 30 minutes and it would be fine!

“We even tested it in beer... This is some of the most fun testing we get to do here at Apple.”

The new A12 chip will dramatically boost performance and will see your apps open 30 per cent faster.

Another cool feature is that you'll be able to change the depth of field in a photo AFTER it's ben taken while you're editing it. Mr Schiller said:

“This has not been possible in photography with any kind of camera. This is a new era of photography."

Seriously, we can drop it in the pool and it has new photography features? We NEED this phone for summer! 

Storage will go up too, with 512GB at the top end as well as a 256GB and a 64GB.

The new phones will be available from September 21 with the iPhone Xs starting at $1629 for the 64GB and $1799 for the larger phone.

The company also announced the iPhone Xr which uses cheaper materials and will be available from $1229 in Australia.

The new Apple Watch is also packed full of new health features and will now automatically notify users if it detects and elevated heart rate. Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams explains:

“Apple Watch has become an intelligent guardian for your health... In these areas of staying connected, exercising and monitoring your health, we’re taking Apple watch to the next level.”

The new watch will be bigger and thinner than the series 3 version and will also be two times faster. 

Apple Watch 4

It will also feature something called Fall Detection, so if you were to fall, it prompts an alert which can make an emergency call if the device notices you're not moving for a minute after the fall. It will also send your location to the emergency contacts on your phone.

The watch will also tell people when their heart rate is too low, which could be an indication of something serious.

Surprisingly, it can also take an electrocardiogram or ECG which can provide important information to doctors.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will start at $599, with the 4G version starting at $749. 

Will you be lining up for a new iPhone or Apple Watch?

Images: NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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