Aldi Is Selling A Sofa Bed That's Legit As Good As Ikea

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Is there anything Aldi can’t do?

Aldi is slowly becoming our life saver in every sense of the word.

And if you disagree you clearly haven't tried the Greek Style Chicken. Seriously, do yourself a favour.

But moving away from the kitchen, Aldi is bringing you the ultimate Netflix and chill set-up. 

That's right. Aldi is bringing you an actual couch in its Special Buys starting10 August and we're not mad about it. 

The fold-out, yes it folds out for all your "chill" time, is just $299 and comes in both grey and cream.

If you're planning on spending your hard-earned cash on the couch - and we can't think of why you shouldn't - we recommend bringing a few people to help you carry it out of the store as it weighs a whopping 43kgs. 

Imagine all your lazy, hungover Sundays on this baby. 

Image credit: Getty Images and Aldi

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Written By Christina Cavaleri


This stuff can do anything. 

He served four seasons.