Aldi just dropped their deepest secrets and we’re can't look away!

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Do you have the right clearance level for this?

Even if you’ve been following us for a mere hot minute, you’ll know one thing:

We bloody love Aldi.

We therefore couldn’t turn away when Aldi’s Australian CEO Tom Daunt decided to let loose with bae the store’s secrets.

Daunt spoke with Nine News ahead of the opening of Australia’s 500th Aldi (FIVE HUNDRED) and explained a couple of key things.

Like why the secret to their success:

“We don't offer 12 or 15 peanut butters, we offer two - smooth or crunchy - but we make sure that is a really high quality product,” he said.

It’s this process of making the hard choices easier, that has ensured not only low-costs, but high-quality prods.

The same goes for fruit and veg. As packaging them helps keep the products fresher and away from germs (for a “incremental” price).

Finally, Daunt shared the reason why the checkouts are fast:

“It is designed to be fast... we have physically long check-outs but you'll notice hopefully the queues are not long either,” Mr Daunt said.

Daunt went on to explain that this process has increased competition (a good thing) by forcing others in the market to “sharpen up’.

And it’s working. According to The New Daily, the budget supermarket’s revenue increased by $1 billion this year.

IBISWorld have also commented on this: “The quality of private-label products has improved over the period, which has made these products increasingly appealing to customers that are worried about financial matters, particularly low-income families.”

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