Aldi just launched a SUPER affordable outdoor range and we're obsessed

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Bargains galore! 

Aldi Australia has graced us with a new collection of budget luxury-inspired items in a new 'backyard retreat' Special Buy Sale

And you guys, not only are the products adorbs, they are SUPER cheap. 

The definite stand out is the five-piece Renmar outdoor sofa setting, constructed using rattan and features a cute shade of navy. 

Here’s the kicker: they’re selling these beauties for only $399.

Yup, you read correctly. 

Not even to mention that the couch is inspired by Luxury retailer Zanui, where the OG inspo couch is priced at $999. Bargain much? 

If that wasn’t enough of an incred deal, the couch is also customisable and can be configured several different ways. It can even be stacked neatly when not in use! 

It’s perfect for every yard, and tbh we’re in love. 

If you need some shade to protect your gorgeous new couch, they're also selling a sun shade sail at just $29.99. It comes in two sizes, 6m by 3.6m or 3m by 5m. 

Similar products at Bunnings go for $89 - that’s an extra $59 you could spend on literally anything else. Maybe, for example, (nearly) three of Aldi’s adorable water and sun resistant cushions, priced at $19.99 each. 

I mean, look at this print. Who could say no? 

A few of the other bargains they’ll be selling include gardening essentials such as pruning shears ($5.99), weed killer ($12.99 for 3L), and a 30m garden hose ($17.99). 

There’s also a few decoration products, including a six pack of solar garden lights ($19.99), garden wall art ($19.99), and ceramic meerkat figurines ($9.99). 

The range, which is part of the supermarket's 'Special buys' will be available in-store from Feb 16.

To prepare yourself, you can peruse the whole range here

Get ready folks, stocks won’t last long! 

Image: Aldi


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