Aggressive 'Monster' Magpie Shot By Council After Terrorising Aussie Suburb

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"Windsor Road Monster"

An "aggressive" and "uncharacteristically territorial" magpie has been killed in Sydney after being deemed a "significant risk to public safety".

The decision was made after more than 40 complaints were lodged to the Hills Shire Council concerning the magpie - infamous in Bella Vista for its attacks.

According to the ABC, some victims even required hospital treatment. 

Hills District Council and National Parks and Wildlife Service elected to shot dead the bird ahead of swooping season after unsuccessful attempts to relocate.

The bird was deemed a "significant risk to public safety" and an assessment by NPWS found the bird was engaging in different behaviour to regular protective swooping.

"[It was] swooping underneath helmets ... to attack people's faces," a council spokesperson said in a statement.

"This bird was very aggressive and uncharacteristically territorial."

Image: Magpie Alerts.

The ABC report that one resident, named as Peter Danieluk, claims the bird was responsible for giving him a heart attack:

"I had my first heart attack in 2014 which reduced my heart function ... so while trying to defend myself as it would strike, the adrenaline rush caused my heart and lungs to fill with blood and cause another heart attack," he said.

"It just did not stop, even as I was losing consciousness on the ground."

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The Hills Shire Council spokesperson added that the decision to euthanise the "Windsor Road Monster" was not taken lightly and done under the supervision of NSW Police.

"Council does not usually take action to remove or destroy magpies — the usual procedure is to signpost known risk areas as birds are generally only aggressive for four to six weeks per year," they said.

The news comes after a South Australian woman was killed by another bird, a rooster, while collecting eggs.

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The decision comes after some controversy.  

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