This $15 Kmart Wine & Cheese Hack Will Change Your Life

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Us and Kmart go together like bread and butter, cereal and milk, wine and cheese. 

One Kmart fan has done something ingenious and combined her love for the retailer with her love of glorious dairy products and alcohol. 

She’s taken a $15 Kmart folding serving tray and turned it into this masterpiece: 

Talk about next level wining and dining. 

Sally shared the idea to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, writing “So happy with my new wine and cheese table! $15 and my lovely father in law did his carpentry magic and he even lacquered it for me too.”

Sally has had two cuts made into the table, perfect for holding wine glasses. 

Other members of Kmart Mums Australia were just as impressed with Sally’s hack - her post currently has  932 likes and over 100 comments. 

“…we need this,” one user wrote, tagging her friend. 

“OMG, we need one of these on the couch with us,” said another. 

“This is perfect for by the pool!” 

“For the beach!” another commenter chimed in. 

The basic consensus is that Sally’s hack is a total game changer. 

Not only does it minimise spillage risk (you can’t knock a wine glass over if it isn’t on the table to start with) but it’s also portable. 

Wanna enjoy some cheese, bickies and a bevy on the back porch? Set yourself up. 

Don’t wanna leave the couch? Bring the food to you. 

Or maybe you want to take your cheese into a cheeky bubble bath? Balance the table legs across the tub and voila; the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Time to get ourselves a handyman and some lacquer ‘cause we need this in our life.

Images: Supplied, Giphy / Giphy. 




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