A humble $15 bottle of Aldi white wine is named one of Australia's best

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Who needs that $85-a-bottle stuff anyway when you can get this?

It's no secret we're big fans of great wine, especially if it costs less than $10 a bottle.

And now we're pleased to report that we have a new favourite, though it may break the bank just a little bit.

The Singapore Airlines Wine Show took place in WA recently, where a whopping 834 entries from 115 producers fought it out for various coveted best wine accolades. 

The West Australian reports that the bottle of white wine that stole the show's spotlight wasn't some fancy pants $1,500-a-bottle of bubbly made from grapes fertilised in the Garden of Eden. No, it was actually a humble bottle of chardonnay that you can buy at your local Aldi for less than $15.

Who says you need to splash out the big bucks for quality stuff?

The 2017 Blackstone Paddock Limited Release chardonnay, which carries a very reasonable price tag of $14.99, won best chardonnay and best white wine of the show, officially making it one of Australia's best white wines.

Impressively, this modestly-priced bottle of bubbly managed to beat out some high-priced, award-winning competition such as the $76 Vasse Felix Heytesbury, the $65 Flametree SRS Wallcliffe, and the $65 Xanadu Stevens Road.

If the calorie count of this Blackstone Paddock Limited Release chardonnay is as low as some of our other favourite cheap white wines, then we're in for a treat.

Now if you'll excuse us, we suddenly have to make an emergency shopping trip at Aldi.

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