WATCH: Drax Project live in Nova's Red Room

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Meet our latest obsession.

Drax Project - these guys need to be the newest addition to your Spotify playlist, immediately.

The New Zealand group dropped their original track ‘Woke Up Late’ last year. Since the release, superstar Hailee Steinfield has jumped on the hit - giving it a new twist.

Drax Project gushed “We’re all huge big fans of 'Starving' and 'Let Me Go', so we're beyond stoked to get Hailee on the song!”

Their talent doesn’t stop there. The boys treated us to a cover of Camila Cabello’s hit ‘Havana’ & we are obsessed with this version of the track.

We love it and know you’re going to love it too.

Are we all officially moving to New Zealand now?

Check out their epic performance below:

'Woke Up Late'


Written By Briar-Louise Rose

We've got a crush.

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