It looks like Ed Sheeran's going to release a new album today

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All the signs are pointing to a new album from the folk-pop superstar, and we couldn't be more excited about it

And, it wasn't hard to find all the signs, really.

When the new year kicked off, Sheeran posted this to Twitter:


And we have to say, that's pretty much when we knew.

Nothing too cryptic there, particularly when you notice the text in the image above, which is the banner on his social media feed...

But as the week rolled along, we got autobioraphical lyric teasers, a feel for the colour scheme, and even a clue of the next 'maths themed' title in his album series...



That's right, today Ed's new album Divide (which will be styled as 'รท') is set to be released at 5am GMT, which is later this afternoon in Australia.

Of course, Nova will be the first place to hear it.

Will the first track feature the lyrics below? Is his leg OK now?

Can't wait.

Written By Andy Zito
Andy Zito

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