Dust off your '90s posters because The Backstreet Boys have released a new track

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The Backstreet Boys Instagram

Backstreet’s back, people. 

In news that’s sure to leave kids of the ‘90s all giddy, the O.G boy band; our beloved Backstreet Boys have gone ahead and released their first new track in about six years. 

The BSB have been teasing the release of the new song titled ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ for the better part of a week and announced that it was live and ready for your listening pleasure on Thursday afternoon. 

Backstreet Boys.gif

If you’re worried that your boys (who have been in the industry for 25 years now – yes, we feel old, too) may not still be 'Larger Than Life', you can rest assured that they’ve still got that slick boy band sound and are more than capable of delivering an epic music video dance break. 

Backstreet Boys gif

Honestly, who doesn't love a good dance break? 


You can check out the new song (and your boys' moves) for yourselves here:

The only question that remains is: Can someone ~tell me why~ it took this damn long for us to be gifted with this epic return? 


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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo