Mi Goreng wedding cakes are a thing now and we don't know how to feel

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Would you try this?

This might just be the most "2018" thing we've encountered in all of 2018, folks. 

Your favourite share house snack, the one that kept you fed throughout university, has officially undergone a glow up. 

People are actually making Mi Goreng wedding cakes now. 

It seems the trend was kicked off by the geniuses at Pioneer Indomie Cake in Indonesia and naturally, it has gone completely viral. 

*Cue 2.5 million replicas in the next few weeks.*

The cake store has shared a couple of snaps of the quirky um, dessert(?) on their Instagram account, showing off their three and four-tier options. 

How they stay in place and do not fall into a massive pile of noodles, I couldn't tell you. 


Long story, short: cheese wheel cakes are officially over, Mi Goreng cakes are the new thing. Expect to see these beauties all over your Instagram feed very soon.

Image: Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo