Matty J Talks About The 'Scary' Moment During The Birth Of His And Laura's Baby Girl

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"We really need to get this baby out now." 

As we're sure you're all aware by now, former Bachie (and now NOVA host) Matty J and his business-owner/all-around brilliant lady, Laura have welcomed a little girl into the world.

And while the update is about as joyful as they come, Matty has shared that Laura's birthing experience wasn't without its ups and downs. 

During Saturday morning's show, Matty chatted with Sarah and Matt and revealed that while Laura and baby Marlie-Mae Rose (named after her parents' grandmothers, not the Bachie rose) didn't experience any serious complications, there were moments of concern for the family. 

"As Laura was about to give birth, they then realised the baby was posterior," Matty said. 

"so it was facing the wrong way and the heart rate was beginning to drop a little bit, as well.

"All of a sudden we went from having just a nurse and a midwife in the room to two seconds later we had one doctor - an obstetrician - come in, and then all of a sudden there were six doctors in the room and you don't really know what's going on because it's your first time..."

He went on to share that once the doctors realised the situation, they moved quickly to get little Marlie-Mae Rose into the world safely.

"Next thing they're saying, 'We really need to get this baby out now,'" he continued.

"They seem a little bit nervous, the doctors, and you don't know if they're trying to play it cool... the only thing you want as a parent is to have a healthy child. 

"And it was really quite scary in the final moments where Laura was giving those final pushes. But thankfully, we didn't have any major complications."

Laura and Matty are now home with their adorable little bub and as Matty puts it, Laura has taken to motherhood "like a duck to water". 

Congratulations again, guys!

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo