Things To Consider When Throwing The Ultimate Grand Final Day Party

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Presented in partnership with Yumi’s.

Footy fever is sweeping the country. Tap into the collective excitement and throw a party to celebrate healthy competition, fun and if you’re in Victoria, a public holiday. 

For one: there’s no such thing as over catering. First bounce is at 2.30pm, which means you’ll have a houseful from at least midday. Your guests will stick around long after the game to celebrate or drown their sorrows, so expect to have a full house until at least the late evening. You can never have too much food, especially at a Grand Final party. 

For two: you can never have enough eskies. If you’re going to throw a Grand Final party, expect your guests to booze from noon until night so make sure your plastic tubs of refrigeration are full of ice cubes and tinnies.

Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, you have mouths to feed. Look out for your carpets and ensure your guests have enough ballast to last them throughout the day. Fire up the BBQ early and keep it burning through the night.

Serve the obligatory snags, sausage rolls and meat pies, complemented by a grazing platter with cheese, meats, crackers and dips. We’re fans of Yumi's traditional hommus, sweet potato and cashew and green olive dips. When the sun is shining, there’s nothing like a fresh tub of dip to carry you through the day — plus, when old mate has had enough of manning the BBQ, crackers and dip are an easy, hassle free catering option. It’s also easy an easy place to direct hungry guests while the match is on. 

Check the weather, of course. If you’re set for a scorcher, consider your options for shade and sun. You’ll also want to think about where to position your screen (if you’re expecting crowds, try to source a second screen). If it’s going to rain, don’t set up your projector in the back garden. Grand Final Day is basically bigger than Christmas and no number of crackers and dip can quell the fire of a footy fan with an obscured view. The more eyes you can comfortably set on the screen, the better. Size matters on Grand Final Day. 

Presented in partnership with Yumi’s. 

Yumi’s dips are made with real ingredients you can taste…it’s the real stuff of legends! So when friends come over for the big game, be sure to be best on ground. Bring out the Yumi’s dips because with Yumi’s, there are endless possibilities. Available from your local supermarket.

Written By Rebecca O'Malley

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