MAFS Star Sam Ball Criticised For Mother’s Day Insta Post

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All over a selfie.

MAFS contestant Sam Ball caused one heck of a stir on our screens this season and it seems he's still causing drama off-screen too.

On Mother's Day, the 26-year old posted a selfie to Instagram showing off a new haircut, with the caption: "Sunday, Mother's Day."

Not your standard Mother's Day dedication post, that's for sure.

Followers were quick to comment on the post, criticising Sam's photo as 'selfish'.

"Well then how come your Mum isn't in the picture?" one wrote.

Sam was quick to justify himself in the comments.

"Because we work and make money instead of sitting in a cafe eating smashed avocado. Some of us don’t live close or have Mother’s to post a photo with."

Leave it to Sam to respond with a sassy clapback.

Another follower mocked Sam for using Mother's Day as an excuse to share a selfie.

"Everyone on social media: I’ll say something nice about my mum and put a cute picture of her up. Sam: I’ll put up a selfie, give the people what they really want."

That comment didn't fly with Sam either...

"We don't need to show our family life on social media, Check my story and donate some money."

He then shared a link in his Instagram Story to Every Mother Counts, a women's charity dedicated to childbirth safety.

A nice move? Sure. But we’re sure his mum would have appreciated a lil’ bit of Mother’s Day love.

Who doesn’t love love? 

Images: Instagram / Sam Ball

Written By Chloe Arentz