Mel from MAFS reveals whether her and Dino are still together

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It seems the whole of Australia is watching Married At First Sight and is completely addicted to the drama. 

From affairs to rumours about intruders, the reality television show has it all.

Even though we're all watching it for the first time now, the contestants have already lived through it. But Mel revealed there is so much she had no idea about. 

Mel chatted to Nova's Dylan and Hayley about the affair and whether she's still with Dino and apparently there is a lot more drama than what we're seeing:

"This season had so much drama it could of gone on for three years."

But Mel had no idea about Ines and Sam's affair. M

"We had absolutely no idea.

"We even had absolutely no idea about what Ines and Sam saying behind closed doors.

"Ines was quite quiet in a group environment she didn't really hardly say anything, its crazy watching it."

Hayley asked Mel the question we've all been wondering: 

"Are you still with Dino?"

To which Mel responded in a high pitch voice: /fitzy-wippa/proof-mel-mafs-already-having-problems-dino

"Oh yea... Yep yep, still with Dino... Yep."

Hayley wasn't convinced:

"I've got a theory, when any of my friends lie we always put on the high voice and you just went into yea (mimicking Mel)."

Mel tried to dig herself out of that one:

"I've never heard that, that's so funny." 

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Dylan wanted to hear the goss about the rumoured "intruders".

"Yea, I've heard that rumour."

"No no they haven't [had intruders before], to have intruders is pretty funny. We've all get married and were all working on our marriages. Its a good rumour lets see what happens."


Written By Christina Cavaleri

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