The truth behind Jake Lever’s attendance at Crows’ Best and Fairest

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There are rumours flying left, right and centre that Jake Lever was uninvited to the Crows’ Best and Fairest… 

The highly controversial trade of Jake Lever has been making daily headlines since it was leaked he was interested in heading back to Victoria.

In the latest turn of events, Lever was a notable absentee at the Adelaide Crows’ Best and Fairest on Friday night.

Was he uninvited, or did he choose not to go?

These questions are plaguing anyone with a vague interest right now.

So the truth?

According to Fox Sports, Lever was invited - he chose not to go.

Speaking with Triple M, Alana Fagan, the club CEO’s wife, said it was Lever’s choice.

“From my understanding, and I’m not a club spokesperson but I do hear a bit, and from my understanding the club is pretty bemused by all those reports.

“The situation was that Jake Lever advised the club that he would not be attending, he was heading straight to Melbourne, he was on his way to Melbourne.

“There are an incredible number of rumours and untruths being thrown around at this point in time, it’s the silly season, we know that happens, but for the fans it’s very difficult to decipher what is real and what’s not, so to clear that up, it was Jake’s decision.”

This report contradicts what Lever’s dad Alan told The Herald Sun earlier in the week, who explained he was extremely hurt after

Adelaide told him not to attend.

“I was pretty shattered, to be honest, because I was probably the first one he rang and he (Jake) was devastated by it, he really was.”

The situation has actually deteriorated further in trade negotiations, according to

Lever was left out of the top 10 players in the Crows’ best and fairest awards - with Matt Crouch taking out the Malcolm Blight

Medal as the club champion of 2017…

This snub has raised eyebrows.

Especially given his performance during the Grand Final - in an average performance across the board, Lever certainly stood out…

Written By Emily Whitham

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